What is Petit Gateaux?

Petit Gateaux is from French, definition of small cakes. Cakes are no longer slice cake you always see in triangle form. Nowadays they come in all shape, sizes and form. 

Despite the classic slice cake being the most common form of cakes, petit gateaux is slowly taking the world by storm. Pastry chefs are being more creative in the past decades, creating sweets & pastries like never before. Using high tech silicon mould, 3D printer, exploring new flavours & textures, inventing state-of-the-art techniques to develop mouth watering yet beautiful art pieces - petit gateaux. 

Koko is being inspired by all the pastry chefs around the world, our R&D kitchen is based in Kuantan, Pahang Malaysia. A small team of dedicated and passionate pastry chefs, creating our best using only halal certified ingredients to present our version of small cakes to you, our very own Koko Petit Gateaux.