Premium Ingredients Petit Gateaux

When it comes to baking pastry, KOKO only uses the finest ingredients. Let us share some of our best used products. (We do make sure they are also HALAL certified products)

Barry Callebaut Chocolate

Crafted in Belgium from beans to chocolate, KOKO uses Barry Callebaut's couverture chocolates with refined texture & flavours from the farms of West Africa.

Within our Signature Chocolate Dome cake, one can taste the rich dark cocoa cremeux, balanced, rich & with hints of fruitiness of the Callebaut 811 Dark Couverture.



Les Vergers Boiron

Hail from France, originally from the Ardèche region, Les Vergers Boiron produces with best quality & best consistency of more than 60 different purees. From the tropical flavours up to vegetable purees, KOKO is always on the search for new sensation to satisfy your palette in each and every dessert we take pride on. 




"Valrhona is committed to promoting gastronomy-based professions and inspiring new generations." Especially with Valrhona Inspiration Range, the R&D the company put into producing high quality of flavoured chocolates helps KOKO to develop one of our finest petit gateau - Valrhona Yuzu Tart. The unique texture, intense flavour & 100% natural ingredients is what draws us the most in using this series in our cakes. 



Our petit gateaux creations consist minimum of 3 elements, sometimes up to 8 elements just in one cake. One can experience the mouthful of flavours exploding along culinary journey we created in Koko petit gateaux.